Eurotab Bonals offers a unique positioning on the market through its largest range of compacting equipment and solutions, specifically designed to match each industry expectation.

A proud Eurotab Group member

Eurotab Bonals, was formed through the merger of the Eurotab Group's equipment development division, Eurotab Technologies, and Spanish compressing equipment manufacturer J. Bonals. Both names are indeed renowned for

  • Reliable and heavy-duty type of equipment.
  • Final-product-oriented approach (relevant integration into the production line)
  • Co-development with customers to provide optimal solutions
  • Excellence in service and customer support

As a result, our valued customers keep buying equipment from their preferred powder compaction solution provider.

Our values are our core qualities. They affirm our identity and guide our behaviour


To explore new ways and be a step ahead.


Challenge ourselves to offer the best to our consumers.


Listen, help each other, ask for help to succed together.



New identity Eurotab-Bonals

Eurotab Technologies and J.Bonals changed to EUROTAB-BONALS to value our expertise in powder compression and the on-going built-up of mixed teams.


First common exhibition

Interpack 2017 edition held in Düsseldorf, Germany was the opportunity to highlight and promote the complementarity of both companies portfolio.


J.Bonals merger within Eurotab Group

Eurotab Technologies and J. Bonals joined their expertise to strengthen their position on their respective markets stock cubes, food, chlorine, detergent, salt etc.


J. Bonals bouillon market leading position

J. Bonals technologies have given the company a leading advantage in the bouillon market since the seventies which led to record sales thanks to the booming of African markets starting the current decade.


Eurotab coffee tablet technology

The concept of roast& ground coffee was successfully developed first in France then in the US with equipment sales for industrial production.


The Eurotab Group was founded

The EUROTAB Group which incorporates and manages all of the business lines (Linossier private label tablet production and Linotech) was created. A few years later, the Innovation division was started-up to develop the tablet format in new areas.


Creation of Eurotab Technologies

The press manufacturer EUROTAB TECHNOLOGIES (originally named Linotech) was founded in order to make perfectly suitable equipment for large tablets production available to the market. The first three-layer press specially designed for dishwash tablets and the first rotary press for chlorine pool tablets were developed.


J. Bonals was relocated

The growth of the company led to move to Cornellà de Llobregat where it is still located today between the city and the airport, leaving the historical premises of Barcelona district of Gràcia.


How Linossier expanded

The 1980s witnessed the beginning of tablet industrial manufacturing with two revolutions taking place in the households:

    • Bleach tablets
    • Dishwasher tablets

Linossier (EUROTAB OPERATIONS today) developed these world firsts and the tablets were very quickly adopted by the general public.

At that time, tablet presses were derived from pharmaceutical operations therefore not perfectly suitable for such operation.


The Jean Linossier company was founded

The company manufactured soap and sawdust-based tablets for use in mechanical engineering workshops in the Saint-Étienne Region in France.


J. Bonals was awarded

J. Bonals company was awarded with the honour diploma and gold medal at the Universal exposition, held in Barcelona in 1929 and initiated its expansion to international markets at that time.


J.Bonals was created

The J.Bonals company was founded by Don Jaume Bonals Escayola in Barcelona, Spain and has been managed by 4 generations of the Bonals family over a century until the merger with Eurotab in 2016.

A Global Presence Through Two Sites

Eurotab Bonals France

Our site EUROTAB BONALS FRANCE, is located in Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert, near Saint-Etienne, in the department of Loire. The machines built there allow the main applications of the following pellets: salt and detergent.

Eurotab Bonals France 258 route de St Marcellin · 42170 Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert · France
Eurotab Bonals Spain

Our site EUROTAB BONALS SPAIN, is located in Cornellà de Llobregat, on the outskirts of Barcelona. The machines built in our Spanish premises are mainly for the application of the cube broth.

Eurotab Bonals Spain C/ Oliverar, 6 · 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona) · Spain

Join our team

A rapidly growing group

EUROTAB Group offers real opportunities to applicants from all backgrounds, whether they are starting out or are experienced, and from all educational backgrounds and expertises.

A socially responsible business

EUROTAB respects diversity, develops labour relations, forges partnerships with training institutions and laboratories, and is involved in industry associations. And, since 2015, EUROTAB has been developing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.

Strong values

Do you share our values of innovation, effectiveness, openness and adaptability? Join our teams!


Eurotab Bonals France

258 route de St Marcellin
42170 Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert · France

Phone: +33 477 52 72 80

Eurotab Bonals Spain

C/ Oliverar, 6
08940 Cornellà de Llobregat · Barcelona · Spain

Phone: +34 934 714 580