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Turn your ideas into actual products

Developing a new tablet application

Our innovation is based on 3 levers:

  • Process: 
    • Innovation Center is our technological platform for innovation. It has unique equipments. The Center develops and optimizes manufacturing processes to create breakthrough innovations.
  • Product performance: 
    • Innovation Center includes a formulation area where tablets are developed and an evaluation area to qualify them and test their performance.
  • Equipment design:
    • Our design office develops equipment tailored to your needs based on the specifications defined by our Innovation Center.

Our Innovation Center enables to reduce time-to-market new products

From concept explorations to producing commercial tablets:

The formulation and performance assessment lab

The center has unique equipment, specifically developed by Eurotab Bonals, such as:

  • An instrumented lab presses to study powder behaviour and define tablet process parameters.
  • Rotary presses to develop the industrialization of tablets and make products for testing purposes.
  • An instrumented post-processing equipment to adjust tablets characteristics to your specific requirements.

This lab contains all the instruments and devices needed to develop tablets and to characterize them:

  • Formulation to develop the composition of the active ingredients
  • Physical analysis to qualify the ingredients and tablet
  • Chemical analysis
  • Evaluation tools to assess tablet performance under real-life conditions

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