An innovative way to grow your market shares in coffee

Exist for instant coffee and roast & ground coffee

Instant coffee tablets rich in taste

Easy to use, fast dissolving

Product benefits:

  • Easy to use, no mess
  • Practical & efficient
  • Precise and regular dosing
  • Original appearance
  • No additives

  • On-the-go consumption of coffee increases.
    • Easy to prepare, no special devices, right dosage and no mess are important characteristics for consumers. Ease drives the growth of instant coffee. Instant coffee tablets are the answer to these consumers trends.
  • Instant coffee tablets are made with a gentle process preserving coffee taste.
    • They can come in individual packs, in regular or decaffeinated versions. Milk, sweetener, flavorings... can be added in the recipes. Their 3D format allow creativity in shape.
  • The technical challenge of producing a compact and solid, yet quick dissolving product without additives has been overcome.
    • Eurotab Bonals, a leader in powder compression, has developed and patented an innovative compaction technology to produce coffee tablets at high speed.

Easy to use:
Drop in tablets

Drop in tablets

Pour hot water

Pour hot water

Stir a few seconds

Stir a few seconds

Your coffee is ready!

Your coffee is ready!

Roast and ground coffee

An easy to use, ground coffee tablet, for filter machine

The ground coffee tablet is easy to use in the filter machine

  • Pure coffee 
    • pressed together, without additives, to make a convenient, easy to use tablet that goes directly into the filter
  • Better taste
    • slower brewing gives more primary extract and a pure premium taste
  • Convenient dosing 
    • the right amount of coffee for each cup without mess
  • Dosage 
    • is one tablet per cup

Eurotab has developed and patented an innovative compaction technology. It enables the production of premium quality ground coffee tablets at high speed, with 3D customized shapes, without additives.

A differentiated product offers to attract and retain customers

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