To create added value for our customers through customised tableting

The tablet format is a genuine sustainable development concept


Thanks to compacted format, consumer benefits indirectly from:

  • An environment-friendly, safe and energy-efficient manufacturing process (low energy consumption, no liquid components and no waste)
  • Optimized logistics due to the compressed volumes (up to 15 times less) 
  • Improved shelf space profitability and less packaging used
  • Guarantee of the right amount of product (single dose)
  • Ease of use and time saving


Thanks to exclusive tablet format, the benefits for the manufacturers are:

  • The tablet format improves ingredient performance through thermal conductivity / acceleration of the chemical reaction leading to an increased productivity
  • Our compaction technology enables ingredient dissolution to be adjusted and to achieve long-lasting action
  • Multi-layer tablets can sequentially release active ingredients and therefore maximize performance
  • The tablet format eliminates fines & dust 
  • Production rate of several tons per hour of compacts, without binder, with very high mechanical resistance 

Circular economy

Improve your competitiveness through recycling of by-products as low-cost secondary materials

Industry is confronted with profitability issues linked to changes in regulations on waste, rarefaction of raw materials and increase in manpower costs. Lots of by-products contain valuable raw materials, but are not yet recycled. Their small grain size make them unusable as is in a furnace (major fly-off). Current by-products agglomerations solutions require the use of costly binders and need a curing time to reach the necessary mechanical resistance (open-loop).

  • Eurotab Bonals innovative binder-free compaction efficiently and economically transforms powdered materials into solid shapes, tablets, with any binder, nor curing time.

  • Tablets can be directly reintroduced into a furnace as secondary raw materials or transform fine into valuable products sellable as is.


To each industrial application, a different shape:








Eurotab Bonals boosts performance of applications

  • Better thermal efficiency, reduced reaction time, better process reliability, lower raw material consumption, higher end-product quality
  • Tailored characteristics of compacts (shape, size, porosity, resistance)
  • Sequential actions via multilayer tablets and customized dissolution time
  • Improved mass balance of mines by upgrading of fine

Innovation Centers

Our centers have a unique range of equipment, specifically developed by Eurotab Bonals and all the instruments and devices needed to develop tablets and to characterize them:

  • An instrumented lab presses to study powder behaviour and define tablet process parameters
  • Industrial-type rotary presses to develop the industrialization of tablets and make products for testing purposes
  • An instrumented post-processing equipment to adjust tablets characteristics to your specific requirements
  • A roller compactor (that can be associated to a granulator) to test & increase the granulometry of your powder
  • Formulation of processing additives
  • Physical & chemical analysis to define how to compact your powder
  • Evaluation tools to assess tablet performance under real-life conditions
  • Compactibility assessment of powders

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